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Things to do in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi city is an amazing opportunity for those eager to learn as much as possible about Tbilisi and Georgia. There is a way that guests of the capital can get a wholesome impression not only about the capital of Georgia and its history but also get an insight into nature, traditions, and lifestyle across the country. This day in Tbilisi features all must-see sights from centuries-old churches and fortresses to contemporary symbols of the city. By the end of your journey, one can say “I’ve been to the place!”.

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Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi
Commonly known as Sameba you can see the church from almost everywhere in the city. It’s a brand new church, only completed in 2004 and the third tallest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world.

A big fortress overlooking Tbilisi and the Mtkvari  River. It’s a great place to visit where you can also enjoy a great view.

One of the oldest neighborhoods of the town. It’s located on an elevated cliff with a little chapel on top. Another great spot, especially in the evening when the sun is about to set or if you wanna kiss your girlfriend for the first time…

Turtle Lake
Grab a mate, a few cold beers and hire a paddleboat on a sunny afternoon. The lake is nicely located and you can enjoy a chilled relaxed atmosphere there.

Mtatsminda Amusement Park
The park is located just next to the TV tower and you’ll love it. It’s super cheap and full of great rides. You won’t get bored, we promise! Honestly, it’s one of the better parks.

The Old City
Of course, you should take a stroll through the city and visit the major places such as the Georgian State Museum, the Presidential Palace, and Freedom Square and simply walk and explore the local markets. If you are a Rugby Union or football fan check out the Dinamo Arena for a match.

Nightlife in Tbilisi
This is a great guide for clubs and bars in Georgia’s capital. If you loved the Irish pub, it’s called Dublin we guess but it was awesome and you met awesome people there.

The perfect food guide for Tbilisi
This is a list of great restaurants and bars featured by Lonely Planet, go through it, and perhaps you find something that will suit you.