In order to provide ideal solutions for our customers “GTG Car Rental” is offering long term car rental in Georgia. When using long term car rentals packages you always have a chance to make good savings. As longer you rent a car, as more benefits you will have.

We are striving to be a reliable and good rent a car partner for both our leisure travelers and for corporate partners. Our staff has customized different car rental packages to meet everybody’s satisfaction.

Just select any car from the wide range of the fleet we offer and save more with long term car rentals. In case you have some specific car rental requirements such as not everyday rentals, long term car rental with a driver service or whatever you always have the chance to negotiate it with us and get customized offer.

Basically long term car rental in Georgia is considered to be more than 2 months. If you are planning your long business trip you should always take into consideration the country peculiarities, cost savings, additional benefits that you will get when renting with GTG Car Rental. Moreover depending on the rental duration you can choose new car models from the market. All the terms and prices are subject for discussion.

When using our Long Term Rental package, you will benefit from:

  • Negotiable price
  • Vehicle Regular Check – up
  • Possibility to put your company logo
  • Insurance cases management
  • Free replacement service
  • Free parking within Tbilisi , Kutaisi , Batumi , Poti .

Consider what you need for before choosing the right car rental package.

In case you are interested in our long term car rental service you can contact our support team to reveal the most flexible, cost effective and convenient package for you.[:ru]Since long ago transportation has always been convenient for managing our day time. It helps to deal with both, personal and work related stuff. Living gets easier as less time is wasted on reaching destinations. If you are staying in Georgia and you need to solve your transportation issues GTG Car offers special rates and conditions for multi months rentals:

– Affordable multi month rates
– Wide choice of vehicle models
– Budget planning
– Unlimited mileage
– 24/7 technical assistance
– Full maintenance services
– Full insurance package
– CDW, TP, PAI, TPI included

Mainly you get opportunity to manage your own time precisely based on your wish.